How Does a Flooded Crawl Space Affect Your Home?

The ill effects of a flooded crawl space don't stay in the crawl space after the water gone. Enclosed and sheltered from the drying effects of sunlight and air circulation, once a crawl space floods, pooled water, and dampness tend to persist unless professional water damage restoration recovery methods are applied. As the lowest point in the house, the crawl space is the final destination for almost any source of water inundation. Weather-related outdoor flooding, a water supply line rupture inside the house, or a backed-up sewer line are all potential causes of a flooded crawl space.

Living with a body of water under your home's floor has serious downsides:

  • Dampness from a crawl space flood migrates upwards, rotting wooden sub-flooring and floor joists, requiring expensive structural repair.
  • Water in the crawl space activates dormant mold spores and triggers growth of active mold requiring the help of a mold removal service.
  • Standing water stagnates and becomes a rancid source of odor and germs.
  • Fiberglass insulation under the floor becomes saturated and loses its capacity to resist heat transfer.
  • Insects and vermin are attracted to the water source and infest the crawl space.

Dealing With A Flooded Crawl Space

First, get the water out. Contact a water damage restoration service professional with the expertise and specialized equipment to extract large volumes of standing water, then dry and dehumidify the space.

Next, prevent recurrence:

  • Seal the crawl space by closing off vents and installing airtight, water-proof access doors to keep out external flood sources.
  • Lay a plastic vapor barrier over the dirt floor to resist soil moisture and prevent the need to remediate mold.
  • Install a sump pump to remove water inundation that originates indoors or as a result of groundwater rising out of the soil.
  • Add a dehumidifier to remove water vapor that accumulates naturally in the enclosed space.

For professional water damage recovery from a flooded crawl space, contact Rytech Restoration.

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