September is National Preparedness Month

As a first responder for those facing onsite emergencies such as water or flood damage, fire restoration and mold remediation, Rytech Restoration believes “Preparedness” is key.   

Rytech joins with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in promoting September as National Preparedness Month. Established in 2004, National Preparedness Month encourages preparation for communitywide emergencies that may have originated beyond just the four corners of your household.

Rytech Restoration

Not just during National Preparedness month but throughout the year, Rytech focuses on your safety and health.  We know what needs to happen to eliminate pathogens, for example.  That’s why we use the best decontamination products and sanitizers available—they kill 99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 

We also want homeowners, families, communities, and businesses to be proactive in preparing for disasters and reducing risks to health and the environment such as contamination, leaks, spills, hazardous materials, and other dangers.

Here are some helpful tips from FEMA and the EPA on preparedness for various types of community hazards and contamination events.

Emergency Reporting

  • Call 911 if you are in immediate danger, or if someone is injured, has trouble breathing, or is unconscious.
  • To report oil, chemical, or hazardous substance releases or spills, call the National Response Center 800-424-8802.
  • For pesticide poisoning, call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.
  • If you use a mobile device, follow the EPA:


Plan the location of a generator. Always put generators outside and away from doors, windows, and vents. Theexhaust can sicken or kill you. Never use a generator inside—a car, basement, garage, crawlspace, tent, shed, or any other indoor or enclosed area. Carbon monoxide (CO) is invisible, odorless and deadly.  

If your drinking water is from a private well, know your local requirements and who to contact for inspecting its’ quality. Keep at least a 3-day safe water supply for each person--and don't forget your pets. More about protecting your household drinking water well.

If your home is on a septic system, know whom to call to have it inspected after a flood. 

More on septic systems and what to do after the flood.


Communities should plan to handle exceptionally large amounts of disaster debris from damaged or destroyed buildings, supplies, trees or other green waste, carcasses, or other materials. Disposal problems can result from large amounts of debris but also from hazardous or toxic substances in the debris that can contaminate air, water, land, and food if not handled properly. Burning large amounts of debris to reduce volume may not be an option. More information on disaster debris.

EPA offers tools communities and facilities tools to help plan for disaster or security threats to water systems. More about community water-based resiliency tools.

Public and/or Private Buildings

Rytech Restoration can perform remediation for water discharge, flood and CDC related disinfecting for Commercial and Public buildings such as schools, factories, office buildings, and more.

Industries and businesses that encounter toxic spills or similar discharges should contact the National Response Center immediately. You or your organization may have legal requirements for reporting or for taking other actions, depending on the spill. EPA offers tools communities and facilities tools to help plan for disaster or security threats to water systems. More about community water-based resiliency tools.

Suggested activities to help facilities prepare for severe weather conditions. Please note, the linked information is written for hurricane preparedness but much of it will still apply to many types of calamities.

Building managers who need information as well as custodians, and others responsible for commercial buildings and school maintenance, can find more on cleanup in schools and commercial buildings and can contact Rytech Restoration for remediation services.


When you’re dealing with viruses, bacteria, or fungi, there's a potential that everyone's well-being will be exposed to some risk, which is why it’s important to act quickly. Learn more here.

Thankfully, you can count on the contractors from Rytech to respond immediately to combat any biological dangers present in your space. We pay attention to the most current information from the CDC, WHO, and other professionals in the medical field to set standards for our sanitization efforts.

Regardless of the property you own, we ensure that you have the thorough clean necessary and the security required. We take pride in the work we perform and strive to alleviate our society's challenges, so we stick to the most up-to-date standards for your property. Our trained technicians offer sanitizing services that can eliminate the most prevalent viruses, even the Covid-19 virus and consists of the following:

  • Treatment of all surface areas
  • Disinfection of affected equipment
  • Decontamination of HVAC systems
  • Fogging to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria
  • HEPA vacuuming