HOUSE FIRES--Time is Not on Your Side!

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), a house fire occurs at least once every 87 seconds.  That means, it’s possible a dozen or more homes could’ve been devastated by fire by the time you finish reading this article.

And the damage is never from just the flames. It’s also high-pressure water slamming against your walls, cabinets, and floors.  It’s the damaged, often destroyed, contents. Worst of all… it’s the lingering smoke that permeates every crevice, collects behind walls, clinging to the moisture, staining everything it touches, and…smelling!

Whether it’s a business or a home, Rytech’s Certified Fire Damage Experts get you “Back to Normal Faster!”

Frankly, some would say a house fire may be the most traumatizing event any homeowner could ever experience.  The permanent destruction by flames of your possessions is something most families can never really recover from. But it’s the reaction time that often determines how long the heartbreak lasts because an ineffective cleanup leaves permanent reminders of what took place.

Example: in the case of wildfires many homes and businesses are permanently ruined by smoke from fires that are just nearby.  This is why cleaning up smoke and soot quickly is mandatory. Smoke can eat away at materials left behind.  Some materials can be completely destroyed. Others mangled and rendered unusable--again, just from smoke.

The best action you can take to “Get Back to Normal Faster” and to quickly get on with your life is to call Rytech Restoration. We’ve been remediating fire losses since 1995. For example, see how Rytech covers the entire state of Florida for fire and smoke cleanup.

After a fire has caused destruction to your property, you need quick, professional and certified mitigation.      

Here’s why Rytech Restoration is your best option for Fire & Smoke remediation:

STEP 1: Emergency Contact & Dispatch

A certified technician gets immediately dispatched to the property and arrives in four hours or less.

STEP 2: Property Inspection & Assessment

An inspection of all fire, smoke, soot, and water damage is documented to develop a customized recovery plan.

STEP 3: Water Removal & Drying

Industrial equipment is used to remove water from affected areas and properly dry the property.

STEP 4: Smoke & Soot Removal

Air scrubbers are placed to remove impurities in the air. Vertical and horizontal surfaces are cleaned to remove soot and smoke.

STEP 5: Cleaning & Sanitization

Damaged contents are removed, cleaned, and sanitized before re-entering the property.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Provided by Rytech Restoration

Get Back To Normal Faster With Rytech, Your Certified Fire Damage Restoration Experts!

Here are a few Rytech recommendations that might make it so you never have to call for Fire & Smoke remediation. For more safety information, please visit the Florida’s Bureau of Fire Prevention.

Install fire and smoke alarms throughout the house as recommended by a licensed professional.  This includes the attic where many fires originate.

Do not smoke in the house. Smoking is the number one cause of home fires.

Never exceed recommended use of electrical outlets. Overheating electrical outlets and switches is a primary cause of home fires.

Most home fires start in the kitchen.  Get professional advice on what type of fire extinguisher you should have. Make sure you and other residents know how to operate it safely.

Keep emergency numbers handy, on a refrigerator and in your phone contacts. A quick response to any emergency is extremely important.  Teach children how to call 911, how to recognize fire fighters and to alert neighbors whenever there’s a need.