3 Tips To Reduce Your Risk of Winter Water Damage

Winter isn't far off, which means that you should take a few precautions around the home in order to prevent winter water damage. Winter happens to be one of the wettest times of the year due to the amount of rain and snow that occurs in many areas across the U.S., which means you'll want to make sure your home is protected. The last thing you want to deal with is water damage repairs or having mold damage removal services impacting your holiday season.  To prevent a water disaster at your home during the winter months, follow Rytech Restoration's follow winter water damage prevention tips below:

Laurel MD residential home kitchen water damage requiring restoration
  • Keep your home's temperature warm " You should keep your house warm even if you are away from home. You should keep the home at around 50 degrees to help keep your pipes from freezing in case temperatures outside drop drastically.
  • Add insulation to your water pipes " This is especially important in areas of the home that may not be heated, such as the basement or the garage. You'll want to wrap your pipes in foam insulation to keep them from getting too cold. Otherwise, the pipes may freeze, which could lead to bursting. If the leak goes undetected, water can turn to mold requiring the help of a mold remediation company.
  • Clear your gutters " Make sure your gutters are completely clear from all of the leaves and debris that has gathered during the fall season. Otherwise, you may have drainage problems during the winter when it snows or rains. The last thing you want to happen is to have your gutters fill up with rain water, then freeze because the gutters are clogged. This can cause damage to the gutters and roof, not to mention can lead to leaks in the roof as well.

Be sure to contact us at Rytech if you are in need of water damage restoration or if you want to schedule mold remediation today.

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