Orlando Mold Remediation completed in 9 days

ORLANDO, FL " Zip Code 32806

Jan 6, 2021

Rytech Orlando arrived at our clients home where water and mold damage was discovered in a closet from a shower pan slow leak. The homeowner moved out some contents and discovered mold growth. 

When the plumber arrived to identify where the leak was coming from, significant mold growth was discovered in the wall and growing on the backside of the shower tile walls.  Rytech performed a mold protocol, along with lead and asbestos testing. it was determined that the two adjacent bedrooms and hallway around the bathroom were all affected with microbial growth according to the mold assessment.  Mold remediation began immediately. The affected areas were cordoned off with poly sheeting to contain the contaminant.  HEPA filters and a dehumidifier were installed to control the environment while demolition of the affected materials took place.

After demolition, a through cleaning and antimicrobial treatment was done to all the surface areas. After several thorough rounds of necessary cleaning and treating, a mold post-clearance test was taken to ensure the areas were successfully remediated. After the mold clearance was achieved, Rytech had the HVAC duct system cleaned to ensure good air quality for the homeowner going forward.  

All claims were filed on the home owners behalf with their insurance company " Liberty Mutual.