"Preventing Mildew In The Kitchen" 3 Quick Tips!

Preventing mildew in the kitchen is usually easier than mildew removal once it's already established. Like most fungi, mildew spreads by releasing microscopic airborne spores. Unlike more toxic molds, however, mildew tends to grow out in the open and doesn't penetrate materials where it grows. However, its dark, mottled appearance is very unsightly and, if mildew removal is not prompt, it may permanently stain some surfaces. Here are three ideas for preventing kitchen mildew:

  1. Add a ventilation fan. Kitchens provide a key ingredient that mildew needs to activate and grow: moisture. Cooking on the stove and in the oven adds large amounts of water vapor to the air which condenses on surfaces and triggers mildew. To control water vapor and prevent mildew, kitchens generally require a ventilation fan that removes almost twice as much air volume in cubic feet per minute as a bathroom exhaust fan. Make sure the air volume of the kitchen ventilation fan or range hood vent is properly sized to the square footage of the room and vents all the way to the exterior of the house.
  2. Don't spread the spores. Wet kitchen surfaces provides moisture that promotes mildew. Areas around the perimeter of the sink that are chronically damp due to splashes or a drippy faucet form an ongoing breeding ground for mildew and mold. Sponges should be thoroughly wrung out and then stored in a spot where they will air-dry rapidly, preferably exposed to sunlight. Because used sponges may harbor live mildew spores, sponges should be discarded frequently and replaced. A disinfectant wipe is often preferable to a sponge for wiping down hard countertops.
  3. Remove kitchen carpets or floor mats. Mildew spores accumulate in the fibers of carpeting or small rug mats. These objects also absorb moisture from the air that activates dormant spores, forming a ground zero environment for mildew growth. A hard-surface kitchen floor can be more effectively kept mildew-free than fibrous carpets or mats.

For more on effective ways to prevent mildew as well as professional services for mildew removal, contact Rytech, Inc.