MOLD—The Real Threat & Rytech’s Pound of Cure!

Mold is a fungus. It requires moisture to grow. No moisture, no mold. Rytech Restoration’s protocols reflect this reality not only with a guaranteed rapid response to any call for water mitigation but, also with the proper steps taken for the dry out itself.

Mold Growth Life Cycle

Being good at both is the best means to prevent mold from occurring in the first place. Typically, you can count on a maximum of 24 – 48 hours after a leak, a flood or water damage before certain species of mold will begin growing, (See, Consumer Reports). Rytech and its’ carrier partners understand that drying any premises quickly and properly is key to limiting size and scope of damage and to keeping customer satisfaction way up.

By industry standards, the frequency with which Rytech detects the need for actual mold remediation is exceptionally low. Rytech’s experience with mold claims shows that the description of the loss often explicitly refers to a smell, a long occurring moisture or actually uses the word “mold” in reporting the loss.

But, Rytech’s fast response can often provide mitigation without the need to engage a qualified mold remediator in 95% of the overall water assignments it receives.

Austin TX residential mold remediation and removal services in residential house living room

Whenever microbial growth is found in over 10 continuous square feet, Rytech technicians not only meticulously document the damage, they also notify the insurance carrier immediately as a means to guarantee the carrier’s specific protocols are followed--as well as those of the IICRC and any local laws or regulations.
Rytech understands that successful mold remediation isn’t a one-step solution. The first step is prevention which may be followed by a multi-faceted treatment to ensure comprehensive decontamination.

  • The source of water which could trigger active mold growth must be identified promptly and permanently eliminated.
  • If mold growth occurs as a result of a water damage incident, prompt professional mold remediation includes standardized methods like air sampling to detect the presence and levels of spores and proven techniques to locate and remove mold growth.
  • All mold growth must be tracked down and physically removed from the affected area.
  • After removal, areas of contamination are treated with EPA-approved anti-microbials to properly clean surfaces.

Mold can attack any home or business any time of the year and when it does, Rytech’s licensed and IICRC certified mold technicians work with Certified Indoor Air Quality professionals to develop an immediate and efficient plan of action, but… we also know “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

Remember, Mold is a fungus that needs moisture to grow, No moisture, no mold. That’s Rytech Restorations “Pound of Cure.” For more information on wood moisture and mold see Rytech’s blog titled: Mold Remediation—Rytech’s Pound of Cure!

Now Here’s What To Do and Not To Do If You Suspect Mold Growth In Your Home Or Business.

The Woodlands TX mold damage in kitchen requiring professional mold remediation and removal services

What To Do Until Rytech’s Mold Specialists Arrive
• Stay out of affected areas
• Turn off HVAC systems and fans
• Contact Rytech for mold remediation services

What Not To Do Until Rytech Mold Remediators Arrive
• Don’t touch or disturb the mold
• Don’t paint over it
• Don’t attempt to dry the area yourself
• Don’t spray bleach or other disinfectants on the mold.

It’s best to leave mold cleanup and removal to the experts. Here’s why.
• Mold remediation specialists are trained to find mold where you least expect it.
• Our mold remediators are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, including air scrubbers and moisture sensors that get the job done right.
• Proper mold prevention techniques. Mold remediation professionals will remove and dispose of all infected materials to prevent the growth of new colonies.

Trust this is the one home restoration project you don’t want to DIY.