Mildew Removal " Why You May Need Help

Effective mildew removal sometimes requires the same techniques as removal of toxic mold. After all, mildew is simply another variety of fungi, just like mold. While exposure to mildew may trigger mild allergic symptoms in particularly sensitive individuals, it's rare to see the kind of debilitating physical effects that chronic exposure to more toxic indoor mold may produce. However, mildew contamination is unsightly, unsanitary and most people simply don't want to live with it.

Do-It-Yourself Mildew Treatment

Simple mildew removal may be less complicated than other types of mold. Mildew tends to form on flat, hard surfaces in wet or steamy environments such as a kitchen or bathrooms. However, unlike more aggressive forms of mold, mildew usually doesn't penetrate the surface of the material where it forms.
In most cases, spot treatment of mildew where it is visible can be accomplished by spraying the area with a commercially available mildew disinfectant. Alternatively, you can use a home-made mixture of 3/4 cup of household bleach to one gallon of water to kill mildew. Spray the affected area, scrub lightly with a brush, then allow the surface to remain wet for five minutes. Wipe away residue with a wet cloth and rinse the area thoroughly.

When DIY Doesn't Do It

Like all mold, mildew spreads by releasing airborne spores from a focus of active growth. When mildew is a recurrent issue in a house despite repeated spot treatment, its main source may not be evident. Inspection by a mold remediation specialist includes air sampling to identify spores and pinpoint the primary area of contamination, as well as visually inspecting parts of the structure that aren't easily accessible. This process pinpoints the source of mildew, eliminating active growth that is spreading spores in the house. A qualified professional in mold remediation can also recognize and suggest solutions to issues in the indoor environment that support growth of mildew and mold such as hidden sources of moisture, excessively high humidity and other factors.

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