How To Spot Early Signs Of Water Damage

Signs of water damage will eventually be hard to miss—structural deterioration, damaged possessions, toxic mold growth. However, early indicators can be more subtle. Because the effect and extent of water damage inside a house is very time-sensitive, reputable professional water damage remediation services operate on a 24/7/365 basis to get to the scene ASAP. The earlier signs of water damage are recognized by the homeowner and help is summoned, the less complicated the ultimate ramifications will be.

Here are some early warning indicators to be aware of:

  • Changes in flooring. If water is seeping into subflooring due to a saturated foundation or leakage in pipes routed through the crawl space, tile may loosen without explanation or even any noticeable wetness. Linoleum can peel and laminate flooring may warp.
  • Evidence on walls. Sagging, saturated drywall is obvious. More subtle signs of water leakage inside walls, however, include paint that is peeling or bubbling. Cracking may appear in drywall as small amounts of water on the inside of the wall cause the material to swell and retract without appearing soaked.
  • Stains and spotting. Walls may exhibit stains or spots that may be permanent or appear and then fade. These may be mere discolorations or obvious signs of mildew or mold that indicate hidden moisture inside a wall—a leaky water supply line or roof leakage that has migrated down into wall voids, for example.
  • Musty odors. These are the giveaway to mold growth somewhere in the house. Mold doesn't grow without the presence of moisture so, unless you have a high natural relative humidity inside the house, you can assume there is a plumbing leak somewhere or water seeping in from outdoors.
  • Sounds of water running. Late at night when the house is quiet, can you hear the subtle hiss of water running in the plumbing system or sounds of dripping inside walls? Mark any spots where you can hear water in motion for further investigation.

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