Properly Setting Goals, 2023…Some tips from Rytech Restoration!

Think. What do YOU want to achieve in the New Year 2023?

Whatever it is, personal or professional, if it has worth or weight, you are more likely to achieve it if your goals are properly set. Rytech Restoration has learned over the years eight (8) specific requirements for goals that really make a difference in success.

Rytech wishes everyone a Happy New Year and hopes that the goals you set (properly) become reality in 2023 and beyond.

In the story of “Alice in Wonderland” Alice comes to a crossroads--a fork in the road where she must make a decision. Perplexed, she asks a nearby Cheshire Cat which way she should go.

“Well,” the cat responds “which path you take depends on where you are going. Do you know where you are going?”

“No, I’m afraid I don’t.” Alice responds.

“Well, if you don’t know where you’re going” the condescending feline quipped “then it doesn’t really matter which path you take, does it?”

It’s an obvious point. Our daily activities, our decisions, only have relevance when juxtaposed with a destination…usually defined as a goal.

Proper goals and objectives must hold up against eight specific criteria. If they do not, then they aren’t goals, they are more than likely just dreams. The following, however, isn’t about dreams. It’s about achieving the goals necessary to fulfill those dreams.

Goals and Objectives should:

  1. Be Specific—A goal or an objective must be calculable and finite.
  2. Be Measurable—there must be a criteria for determining the extent to which you are moving toward or have achieved the goal or objective.
  3. Be Attainable—If you can’t get there under any circumstances, it may be motivational or comforting (or frustrating); it may be a dream or a fantasy, but…it’s not a goal or an objective.
  4. Be Time Bound—There must be point in time when you know you have either achieved the goal or objective; usually defined as success, or you have not achieved it; sometimes defined as failure.
  5. Be Meaningful—Don’t set goals that are too easily achieved or that have already been achieved in the past. Don’t set goals or objectives that you were on the verge of achieving anyway.
  6. Be Controllable—Goals must be within your ability to achieve and not left to the whims, activities, or events which you cannot control.
  7. Be written—reduce your goals and objectives to writing. Keep them visible and view the written goals regularly to keep focus.
  8. Be Communicated to others—those who don’t tell others their goals are trying to avoid embarrassment if they fail; that just increases the chances that they will fail. Spread the word.

Once you have established long-term goals that meet the above criteria you must reduce them to shorter term objectives and then reduce those objectives to daily activities. Then, start each day with a “To-do List” prioritizing those activities that help you reach the goals you properly set.

Rytech Restoration wishes you a successful 2023 and a Happy New Year!

Information courtesy of Platforms of Success with permission.