2022 Hurricane Season—When Experience Counts!

First, one of the worst storms in Florida history, Ian, struck the lower West Coast. Then, Nicole wrought havoc on Florida’s East Coast, assisted by Ian’s prior destruction of a beach retaining wall. The season ending November 30, 2022 proved to be one for the record books--one where experience counts.

Rytech Restoration was (is) uniquely qualified to respond to a multi-storm scenario. It did so in 2004 & 2005 when, for one 16-month period, Florida averaged one hurricane every 60 days.

And… it did it again in 2022 with Ian and Nicole.

First, some context about the insured losses.

Ian is roughly estimated to be $10.27 billion according to the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR). Florida’s state-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens) is estimating its’ costs from Ian to be $3.8 billion. Neither includes flood losses covered by the federal government or private insurers or crop damage, both of which were significant.

By comparison, Category 5 Hurricane Michael, which hit the Panhandle in 2018, resulted in $9.1 billion in estimated insured losses. Hurricane Irma, a Category 4 system that ran up the state in 2017, produced more than $20.6 billion in losses.

In 2022 the Atlantic was quiet through August—first time in 15 years. Nicole was only the third November hurricane to hit Florida since records were collected in 1863.

Ian caused 139 confirmed deaths, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement-- the highest death toll in Florida since the 1935 Labor Day hurricane killed more than 400. Nicole came ashore November 10 killing five people and churning up shoreline from Palm Beach to Georgia.

Hurricane Damage at Florida shoreline due to Ian and Nicole storms
Assisted by Ian’s prior destruction of a beach retaining wall, Nicole wrought havoc on Florida’s East Coast 43 days later

And there are similarities with the storms Rytech responded to in 2004 with those its responding to in 2022. In 2004 Hurricanes Charley and Jeanne crisscrossed after landfalling at virtually the same points as Ian and Nicole. That’s one thing. In both 2004 and 2022 the two storms crisscrossed exactly 43 days apart, that’s the other thing.

Ian slammed Southwest Florida on Sept. 28, producing widespread damage and significant storm surge in Lee and Charlotte counties. The landfall point was within a few miles of Charley’s in 2004. Then 43 days later, Nicole came ashore on the East coast following much the same path as Jeanne eight years earlier.

There were differences of course. Charley, for example, was small enough (almost) to fit inside the eye of Hurricane Ian. Ian impacted the entire state. Jeanne was a large, disorganized hurricane focused more on Florida’s east coast. Nicole was a large hurricane touching almost the entire state to varying degrees.

Going back a quarter century, Rytech Restoration gained experience and developed the wherewithal to manage multiple storms on the worlds hurricane highway. It not only has the advantage of experience but the advantage of having deployed numerous times while handling disasters of freezing and fire in other states simultaneously. Rytech’s multi-state coast-to-coast presence allows the quickest response possible and is any homeowners’ fastest way back to normal.

Obviously experience matters, but…Rytech reminds all home and business owners to remember that, when coverage is low (under the deductible) or not available (Flood damage?), Rytech’s expert approach to emergency damage restoration service helps eliminate unnecessary demolition leading to reduced cost and providing the fastest return to normalcy.

Despite having local franchises covering the entire Sunshine state, Rytech temporarily reached its ‘capacity this year and in most years with multiple storms. But it can provide resources from a nationwide network of franchises and other sources. As in 2004/2005 the value of operating coast-to-coast and having more than a quarter century of storm and disaster experience cannot be overstated.

Rytech Restoration’s ability to dispatch troops from around the country resulted in teams from California, Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, converging in Florida to assist a full complement of certified, experienced local franchises.

More resources are in the works even now, but…make no mistake Rytech Restoration and its’ many partnerships with Florida carriers always means it can get you back to normal faster than any other emergency damage restoration company.


Unfortunately, it is necessary that consumers in Florida be informed on Assignment of Benefits (AOB) and what Florida lawmakers have done to help protect you. Please see AOB Consumer Protection Tips.

Rytech Restoration works directly with insurance companies and does not use AOB. We strongly advise anyone with damage to protect your property, call Rytech, and contact your insurance company or agent first, before contacting anyone else. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation provides phone numbers on its website of every Florida property insurer.

The Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) and Rytech have a partnership designed to assist all agents with water losses. If you are an agent, you can learn more about that partnership and what Rytech brings to the table for your agency on the FAIA website or, by going to Rytech’s AGENT homepage.

Rytech has been around since 1995 and is not only available across the entire state but has quality control to ensure response times and to guarantee that your clients are satisfied, regardless of the location or the size and/or nature of the loss. Like everyone else, Rytech will be challenged by any significant event, especially a Hurricane. But, your clients are our clients and the clients of the carriers with which we partner and that you represent.

We will always have their best interests in mind!