The Perfect Match— With Rytech Restoration!

The phrase, “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection” implies that nobody’s perfect, but… by constantly attempting to reach perfection, one’s current situation can improve.

Maybe it’s true. Maybe not. One thing for certain is, after 26 years of building franchises in 85 carefully selected markets across 24 states Rytech Restoration can help you determine if we’re the perfect match for each other.

Before you can know if we’re a good fit, there are a few questions you should ask yourself, starting with “…is Rytech a good match for me and the goals I’ve set for my life, my family and my financial future?”

Second, why choose Rytech over other franchise opportunities or other property mitigation vendors you may know about?

Answers to either question are rarely obvious and always require thoughtful inquiry. In this regard we hope you find the following helpful.

After years of due diligence, Bill Crouthamel, who has acquired three franchises just since 2019, gave one reason he chose Rytech that’s very common among owners…

Bill Crouthamel, now owns 3 franchises

“The fact that Rytech handles the intake of assignments, quality checks each open file for compliance and accuracy and handles all of the billing facets of the job leaves myself and my team with the time necessary to give each customer the priority and service they deserve.”

Most every owner agrees with Bill, but… like Bill they also have other reasons for joining Team

You see, while the industry Rytech serves accommodates certain skillsets common to the construction trades, many owners don’t have such a background.

Many are former insurance professionals like adjusters or agents. Some are entrepreneurs that own other businesses. They are men and women who may be single or married, with or without children. Sometimes the owner is a couple. Some are single parents. Some are veterans. Some owners are none of the above.

Anthony Curtis, now owns 5 franchises

However, no matter their situation there’s one common thread… they all want to be their own

"After starting my career helping people as a claims adjuster, I got into the restoration industry because I saw what a great business it is. Wanting to be my own boss, I chose to buy a Rytech franchise. I am so pleased that I did, I now own five locations. This is the best investment I've ever made."

Like you, Rytech’s goal is to answer the important question of whether we’re the “perfect match” for each other. Rytech is there, at every step, to help you make this determination.

There are six steps in our process…

Step 1: Submit an Application—The application includes your background, education, skills, and any work history that relates to the industry or owning a business. We also request that you outline your professional goals and include a cover letter.

Sept 2: Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)—We send you an FDD containing Rytech’s financials for the last three years, phone numbers for all operating franchises, a copy of our franchise agreement and a detailed breakdown of the investment. You’ll also receive details on training, company and franchise operations and our policies and procedures.

Step 3: Interview with Senior Staff—This includes phone interviews with senior staff and corporate officers. Our team will review expectations and operations and discuss your personal and professional goals. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for you to ask questions about the details and challenges of owning a Rytech franchise.

Step 4: Validation and Due Diligence—We encourage you to use the list of franchisees to learn about their experiences, the earning potential, and their business projections. This is a very valuable conversation with insights about the details and hands-on work as well as Rytech’s procedures that help you succeed.

Step 5: Open House—You are invited to our Support and Training Center in Kennesaw, Georgia, to explore Rytech and meet the staff. They will guide you through the startup process and show you how to grow your business. Here you’ll also review the FDD and schedule non-binding training dates. No payment is necessary at this time.

Step 6: Franchise Offering—You will be presented with a franchise offer where you have a chance to finalize the application and invest in your new career as a franchise owner. Training begins shortly thereafter and within 60 to 90 days your new location will be up and running.

For those “perfect” candidates Rytech Restoration is the “perfect” match that can change your life and help you exceed your current goals. Property damage is a $60 billion recession proof industry that’s growing rapidly. Rytech’s brand and reputation within the industry is known and well respected from coast-to-coast. Learn more here.

Did you know Rytech has the largest available territories for its franchisees? Did you know it has partnerships with over 100 insurance companies from coast-to-coast. Check that out here.

Additionally, Rytech territories are exclusive, so you never compete with other franchise owners. These protected markets are available throughout the United States to help the “perfect” candidates, ready to be their own boss, exceed their goals, both professional and personal.

Rytech places you in the driver's seat to succeed in an inflation proof industry with a turnkey business in an ever-growing field of opportunity. Contact TEAM RYTECH today to discuss your path to ownership!