Few would discount the sweeping impact of the internet on global commerce.  Every enterprise of worth or weight occupies space on the world wide web, particularly large, nationwide service organizations like Rytech.

When done properly, benefits are expansive and far beyond internal efficiencies, which are indisputable. 

Particularly for rapidly expanding companies like Rytech, websites don’t exist in a vacuum. Rather they’re often the hub of a fully integrated, multi-faceted, customized system of work, brand, and growth—all of which will drive Rytech for decades to come, if done right.

First step in developing a new website was to find the right person for the job. That person is Eric Chapman (see below) who has spent the last 16 years developing and executing marketing campaigns, training sales teams and creating customized strategies for various organizations, including franchised businesses. 

Next step, evaluate Rytech’s substantial landscape, both its’ market position and competitive relationships.  This began with key employee’s to learn internal perspectives on value propositions and  Rytech’s strengths.  

After exhaustive due diligence, including interviews of America’s best website developers, under Eric’s guidance, Rytech contracted with Online Image, (OI). In the world of internet design and marketing, OI is a recognized leader and innovator. Their skilled “online” teams offer years of experience analyzing and optimizing websites for businesses, large and small, especially franchised operations like Rytech.

In fact, the Featured Photo above is one of many OI assessment meetings reviewing Rytech’s current site (notice image on the screen) including discussions on strategies to assist with Rytech’s quest for quality growth. OI’s vast capabilities are lasered on Rytech’s goal list—which includes getting all its franchises on the front page of search engines.

Rytech’s new website launch is scheduled for October 2021. 

You will learn much more before and after the launch date.  We anticipate surveys will be sent to franchises to help develop steps forward as well as corrective action along the way. There will be some phone interviews and webinars where each franchise can speak directly with OI’s team and assist with analyzing their independent websites ranking and performance.

Frankly, this project is as exciting as it is necessary and will involve a team effort from franchises, corporate staff and contractors.  The folks at Online Image are, of course, fully on board and will act to constantly analyze and adjust the helm.

Stay tuned there’s much more exciting news to come. Those with questions or opportunities for Rytech’s new “digital effort” can contact Eric Chapman, Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy via email: [email protected]