Rytech Restoration’s Newest Owner—Courtney Crouch 

There’s no greater proof of the value of a franchisor’s product than a corporate employee buying one of its’ franchises. Basically, it’s those with an inside view believing enough in the product to put their own money on the line. At Rytech Restoration, it happens a lot!

Latest example: Rytech’s current AVP of Strategic Accounts, Courtney Crouch, just purchased one of Rytech’s most important Florida franchises— Rytech of Greater Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, and North Pinellas County.

The Rytech franchise area above encompasses much of West Central Florida’s Gulf Coast and areas east and inland from what’s called “Old Tampa Bay.” Notably, this includes the cities of Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, which with the help of three substantial bridges, are considered by many as virtually contiguous. Hillsborough County alone has a population of around 1.5 million, making it the fourth most populous county in Florida outside of Metro Dade. The whole area, however, has more than 3 million residents.

It's now under the capable hands of Courtney Crouch, who will remain with Rytech Corporate as AVP of Strategic Accounts, which she reminds us means “…no interruption of service for my awesome carrier partners.” No doubt the direction this franchise will take under her guidance--straight up, with a huge dose of service on the side.

Florida itself is unique, leading the country in water losses. Its other distinctions include more
hurricanes and more domestic mono-line property carriers than anywhere else in the world, more flood policies than the next two highest states combined, and America’s third-highest coastal exposure at $4.8 trillion.

This is partially why Rytech’s footprint encompasses all of Florida–and why Rytech maintains many strategic partnerships with both carriers and agents, managed by Courtney.

Born and raised in Waynesboro, Mississippi, population 5,000, Courtney’s youngest years were spent hunting, fishing, raising livestock, and riding horses. Self-reliant and persistent, she attended only one school from kindergarten to her high school graduation and then earned a degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. This bodes well for Rytech customers who value consistency over the long haul.

Truth is that Courtney’s the absolute perfect owner at the perfect time. Things in Florida are changing rapidly. Some carriers are struggling financially. Claims handling is challenged by runaway litigation. It’s beyond helpful that she’s held several jobs “in claims” prior to Rytech. She began as an adjuster in 2005--the perfect backdrop for working “in the trenches” with Florida adjusters today.

But the reason her new franchise is a dream come true is probably more about her small-town roots… “The people!”, she says. “From the beginning I’ve felt welcomed and valued as a member of the Rytech Family.”

Courtney’s excitement for the future is also buttressed by her team, a staff of technicians with decades of experience and loyalty.

“I look forward to learning and growing as a woman owned small business. Thanks to all those who have supported and encouraged me in my career in the insurance and restoration industries over the years. Cheers to this new challenge!”

If you are searching for a rewarding and profitable business to own, look no further than Rytech. We are an established service provider franchise in a virtually recession-proof industry. Water and fire restoration along with mold remediation services are part of a multibillion-dollar industry that offers potential franchisees the opportunity to build a successful business. Learn more about becoming part of this ever-growing industry today and reach out to our franchising team here.