Although the Rytech family continues to miss Daniel Kurzweil, it is pleased to welcome back Bob Young to the Tri-County team.

Bob’s 20 year Real Estate career and his strong commitment to the Southeast Florida community bode well for a successful return to the Rytech Team he helped charter many years ago.

As a founding member of Rytech’s Tri-County Florida local franchise Bob Young knows what it’s like be part of the best remediation team in America. In fact, he’s lived in Ft. Lauderdale for the last twenty years working and planning for a comfortable retirement.

When Tri-County owner Troy Feichter first opened his South Florida operation, Bob was both his Operations Manager and Office Manager. That preceded decades of success in the Real Estate field and his long sought retirement. But “I was bored with retirement” he says and at 65 years of age Bob has finally found the perfect fit. “Troy and I have a long history and are like family.”

Bob with Amber Payne, IIAPB Golf Tourney

Bob also possesses an incredible eye for details and a passion for capturing the colorful world around him with a camera. So… when he’s not finely honing his comedic timing, photography has a solid grip on Bob’s remaining off hours.

Sports? He is a die-hard major league baseball fan who loves the New York Yankees and always finds time to watch the games and/or enjoy the highlights of his favorite team.

The connection with the Yankees started many years ago when Bob lived in New York. Testament to his comfort in front of audiences filled with smiling faces was his career in television production—something he did for 25 years, mostly at ABC New York and as a segment producer with ABC World News Now.

The symmetry of having Bob back with the Rytech Tri-County team isn’t lost on anyone. Hiring someone to replace a good friend who has passed is always difficult. But it’s truly something special to welcome an old friend like Bob Young back to the fold.