RYTECH of the FIRST COAST—Shows the way!

Other restoration companies want to remodel your home. Rytech wants to keep you safe from mold. Here’s the story as told by Rytech of the First Coast proving Rytech’s mantra is more than just a saying.

“It’s not dry until it’s Rytech dry!"

Amelia Island, Florida--A concerned homeowner noticed her front door mat was soaked and started to smell--a musky odor in the front room of her newly purchased condo. After a few attempts to locate the source herself, she called a leak detection company for help.

The company identified the source as a leak in a pipe in the wall behind the downstairs bathroom. The leak had slowly migrated to the front office and inside the wall leading to the front porch.

A plumber fixed the leak and advised the homeowner to call a water restoration company for a dry out. The homeowner had two restoration companies out to assess the job. Neither company had equipment with them when they arrived.

The homeowner said the musky odor was worsening, so she was concerned mold would begin to develop and expressed this to both companies. It seemed they were more concerned with rebuilding her condo – even in areas that were not affected – than drying out the areas that were.

Rytech Restoration Technician She did not feel comfortable hiring them and decided to give Rytech First Coast a call. Not knowing the backstory to her situation, our crew (Rytech of the First Coast) arrived within hours, prepared and ready to work. The homeowner was impressed with the fact that we didn’t try to “sell her” on replacing “damaged” furniture and renovating areas that were not affected by the leak. She found comfort in the fact that the focus of our work is water and mold restoration, not build backs or remodeling. Our technician found high moisture readings in several areas and removed all baseboards and quarter round. A portion of the wood floor and drywall had been removed by the leak detection company. A small area of mold was beginning to appear near the exposed wall.

dog We thoroughly cleaned the area and took away all debris. Drying equipment was placed in all the affected areas. A check-up appointment. was scheduled for the following day. After 3 days all areas were dry except for the hardwood floors. Sadly, the floors were buckling and did not appear to be salvageable. The homeowner was extremely pleased with our service. She said, “Rytech was responsive, reliable, respectful and READY TO WORK.” Our customers are the lifeblood of our business, so this comment definitely made our day!

PS: A thank you to the homeowner’s dog, Sadie, for being a ‘paw’fect Rytech assistant! She has a great sniffer for mold and moisture.

Rytech of the First Coast.