Rytech Growth, 2019

Make no mistake, Rytech is one of the fastest growing water and mold mitigation franchise operations in America. And 2019 was another growth year.  Rytech franchisees are carefully selected business owners who are building a profitable future in partnership with one of the most experienced nation-wide support teams.  In 2019 Rytech added eight new locations across 27 states.               

Growth, even at this level, must still be steady and measured, with carefully awarded franchises for investors who demonstrate a good fit for the system.  Here’s a look at those entrepreneurs who purchased new franchise areas in 2019. 





Owner: Jeff & Amanda Lambert
Lambert Enterprises LLC
Territory – selected zip codes in the Georgia counties of Bartow, Cherokee, Chattooga, Cobb, Floyd, Gordon, Haralson, Paulding and Polk.  

Jeff has been an integral part of the Rytech family for the last two years, learning its unique system from the inside out while working as a Mitigation Data Specialist (MDS) at Rytech’s corporate headquarters in Kennesaw, Georgia.  “It was the perfect learning experience” he says, “because now I know exactly what to do in the field to meet the requirements of the MDS unit and to satisfy the different requirements of insurance carriers.” 

Jeff imparts this “insider knowledge” to his employees, Johnny Morris Ops Manager, Trevor Smith Water Technician, Xander Paris Lambert CEO in training, and Marketing Director, Bruce Gehweiler.  

Jeff’s wife and co-owner, Amanda, acts in a support role, but also teaches gifted children from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Congratulations to Jeff as he begins a new chapter in his life with the Rytech Team.




Owner: William Crouthamel
Pulse Damage Mitigation Services LLC
Territory – selected zip codes constituting Northeast Philadelphia, in the counties of Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Delaware and in New Jersey, Burlington and Gloucester.

Question:  How did purchasing another Rytech franchise help you in reaching your goals, both personal and professional?

Answer: I am looking at a second franchise and my goals for purchasing would be to maximize the potential market share for my area while creating additional opportunities for my team to grow.  With additional market share and brand recognition we should be able to reach my revenue goals for each year and provide the capabilities to grow into additional markets and services.

Question: What do you bring to the plate personally (leadership, selling skills, relationships, etc.) that will help you grow this new franchise and help you reach your goals? 

Answer: I believe always striving for excellence in everything I do helps provide the blueprint for my team to follow and thus to meet our objectives.  In addition I have a strong sales skillset that helps create additional personal and professional relationships that can materialize into future work opportunities.

Question: What do you like enough about owning a Rytech franchise that leads you to buy another?

Answer: The support of the entire Rytech team, and the core values of the company are aligned with my personal values which can be difficult to find in today’s marketplace.   Having the support of the Rytech corporate sales team and office personnel has allowed me to focus on the field portion of my business and has me grow faster than I would with other companies.  The streamlined billing process through the corporate office makes closing the claim process easy, efficient and minimizes my labor expenses.  Additionally, the recession resistant industry provides peace of mind knowing there will always be work throughout the year.




Owners: Dylan Brankovich, Mirjana Djokich
Territory – selected zip codes constituting Central San Diego County, CA.  
Territory – Selected zip codes constituting South Dan Diego County, CA.

Question:  How did purchasing two more Rytech franchises help you in reaching your goals, both personal and professional?

Answer: Our goal was to open Rytech’s all over California and to be a pillar in the California community for Rytech.  The short term goal was to get the opportunity to service most of San Diego and southern Orange County, which we have achieved. Personally, it is satisfying when you start with an idea and a vision and then realize you’ve made massive progress towards achieving it.  It is a great feeling that you can’t explain, but only experience. 

Question: What do you bring to the plate personally (leadership, selling skills, relationships, etc.) that will help you grow this new franchise and help you reach your goals? 

Answer: I’ve always been passionate in what I believe in and excel in making the best out of challenging situations and problem solving. The more you grow the greater the challenges are, and I welcome that. I believe when you figure out difficult situations and overcome them it adds tremendous value, helping you achieve more goals and presents more opportunities.   

Question: What do you like most about owning a Rytech franchise,  that motivated you to buy two more as part of your 2019 expansion? 

Answer:  I really enjoy working with the people and the flexible culture at Rytech from the corporate office. Every few years we like to evaluate where we are and then decide whether to buy or not. So far the trend has been moving forward and we will most likely purchase more franchises in the future.





Owners: Anthony Curtis & Brian Larmon
Carolina Restoration LLC
Territory – zip codes constituting Upstate South Carolina and located in Greenville, Spartanburg and Laurens counties.      

After only eighteen months of operating their Columbia, SC franchise (Rytech of The Midlands) Brian and Anthony began eyeing the Greenville/Spartanburg area.  A brand-new franchise area  which was located in an open territory.  According to Anthony… “it’s a franchise model where building the Rytech brand will easily take center stage.” 

To learn more about Anthony and Brian and what they can bring to any territory, read their dramatic success story with The Midlands in the Dry Log Featured Franchise article, December of 2019.  





Owner: Victor Cervantes and David Garcia
DGVC Partners LLC
Territory – specified zip codes in counties constituting West Los Angeles CA.

Question: How did purchasing a Rytech franchise help you in reaching your goals, both personal and professional?

Answer: Both professionally and personally I’m able to specialize in one trade, having a system where I can multiply and grow this business into a good foundation. 

Question: What do you bring to the plate personally (leadership, selling skills, relationships, etc.) that will help you grow this new franchise and help you reach your goals?

Answer: I bring a lot of experience and knowledge in dealing with and managing multiple crews.  This type of work is what I have been doing for many years. Selling and helping others also comes very naturally to me. 

Question: What do you like most about owning a Rytech franchise, that may have been part of your decision to make the 2019 purchase?

Answer: The best way to describe it is that I feel like I’m driving a car in the carpool lane, passing all the other cars, getting to work, getting more jobs, earning more, all by simply using a better system and having a supportive corporate parent.  You can’t put a price on that. 


Owner,  Amir Karadi
AK Associated Group Inc.  
Territory – selected zip codes in Queens County NY  

Question: How did purchasing a Rytech franchise help you in reaching your goals both personal and professional?

Answer: As a 22 year old it has given me a true feeling of responsibility. I want this franchise to grow rapidly, to grow correctly and most importantly, to be able to satisfy the needs of every customer along the way.

Personally, my goal is to reach as far as the moon–if you shoot for the moon, you are bound to dance among the stars. I am a business owner at an incredibly young age and that feels great, but… my goals must, and do, include helping others.  My family and my customers are foremost.     

Question: What do you think you bring to the plate personally (leadership, selling skills, relationships, etc.) that will help you grow this new franchise and help you reach your goals?

Answer: I’ve been in sales since I was 13 and later worked for a carpet cleaning company where I first began in water remediation.  I found my leadership skills bring a sense of family to those I work with.  This, and my enthusiasm, tenacity and courage to take chances, has often led to truly successful outcomes. Rytech and I make a great team and I’m sure that soon everyone will hear great things about Rytech of Queens New York.

Question: What do you like most about owning a Rytech franchise that may have been part of your decision?

Answer: I love the fact that with Rytech we work directly with insurance companies and every time I step into an insureds home they are beyond happy to see me. They know I am there to help, they don’t believe I’m going to hurt their pockets in any way shape or form. And truly, wearing the “blue and teal” colors makes me feel good. I am a franchise owner for a company that stands for correct procedures and takes the correct steps each and every day. 

And as far as buying a second franchise is concerned, I’ve definitely got my eyes open.    





Owners: Joe Hernandez and Slavisa Maksimovic (Max)
The Sun Team, LLC 
Territory – the cities and towns of Bloomington, Chino, Chino Hills, Fontana, Jurupa Valley, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, San Antonio Heights, and Upland

To learn more about existing franchises owned by Max and Joe, see their Featured Franchise article in the inaugural edition of the Dry Log, May 2019, page 4.  Also, read about their sponsorship of a professional boxer on page 1 of the September 2019 issue of the Dry Log.

Joe began his career in water damage in 2011 as a technician and subsequently acquired many IICRC Certifications, including: WRT (Water damage technician); ASD ( Applied structural drying); AMRT ( Applied microbial remediation technician); FSRT (Fire and smoke Restoration Technician); OCT (Odor control technician), and; EPA (RRP). 

In 2013 Joe relocated to Minnesota to train as a project manager as a prelude to becoming an operations manager and later opening Rytech of Western Riverside in 2017. Joe, Max and many from their California team worked the Hurricanes in Texas and Florida as part of Rytech’s CAT effort.  

“I’m humbled to be able to help people during a devastating time” Joe says “… and I love all the smiles once the job is completed.”   ___________________________________________________________________

A Word to Potential Rytech Franchise Owners 

Steven Seabaugh, Director of Franchise Development

Interested in becoming a Rytech franchisee? Curious if there are franchise territories available near you, or an area of interest? Learn more about the rewards and opportunities of a Rytech Franchise here.

After our rigorous screening process, those candidates that are awarded a Rytech franchise will benefit significantly from a high level of support and training by the Corporate Rytech team.  An established successful startup program with personalized one on one instruction, a full week of “on the job training” and many other field support activities are key to every Grand Opening of each new franchise.

Rytech’s two-week start-up training program including ongoing on-line tutorials makes learning the Rytech system faster and better than ever before. From day one all offices have a highly trained Field Service Coordinator available to them 24/7/365, providing start-up, on-going coaching and mentoring of Rytech’s policies, procedures and protocols. Franchisees will never feel they are missing the knowledge and expertise to complete their customer assignments because there is a Team behind each Rytech owner/operator to guide and coach them every step of the way.

Should you want to own a business within a recession resistant industry with significant earning potential, and be in charge of your own destiny, take the next step by calling Steven Seabaugh, Director of Franchise Development, at 706-372-0057.