RYTECH FLORIDA – A unique market with a unique manager!

Florida is unique. It leads the country in water losses. It has more hurricanes and more domestic mono-line property carriers than anywhere else in the world.  It also has more flood policies than the next two highest states combined and America’s third-highest coastal exposure at $4.8 trillion.

This is partially why Rytech’s Sunshine State footprint is so large–and why Rytech maintains many strategic partnerships with both carriers and agents. 

Now meet Rytech’s new Florida Sales Manager, Courtney Robertson.  As Director of Florida sales for Rytech her focus, simply, is to “cultivate” carrier (and other) relationships.  Google “cultivate” and you’ll find synonyms reflective of Courtney’s small-town upbringing.  

Born and raised in Waynesboro, Mississippi,  population 5,000, she spent her youngest years hunting, fishing, raising livestock and riding horses.  Self-reliant and persistent,  Courtney attended only one school from kindergarten to her high school graduation and then earned her degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. 

Courtney says it’s fortuitous to have held numerous jobs “in claims” prior to working at Rytech.  She even started out as an adjuster in 2005, perfect for working “in the trenches” with Florida adjusters today.  But, her response on why Rytech is her dream job comes from her small-town roots… ”The people!”, she says. “From the beginning I’ve felt welcomed and valued as a member of the Rytech Family.”

Her hands are full at work and at home, with four kids.  She calls herself “… a lucky gal”, one who is “… engaged to an amazing man (Don) and together we raise four children: Grayson, Aidan, Maeve and William.

Don & Courtney & L to R: Grayson(2), Aidan(5), Maeve(6), William(8)

Our ideal day is playing in the pool, grilling on the patio and ending it all with everyone snuggled on our enormous couch watching a movie.”

The constant travel, the challenge, the stress, all mean that keeping in shape is a priority. “Exercise, especially running, is definitely my outlet for stress.  I’m currently training for a half marathon in November.   And many will tell you that if I don’t get my daily run or exercise I can be a handful to deal with!” 

When Courtney isn’t travelling the state, going to meetings out of state  or, taking care of (and enjoying) four kids, or working out… she watches football.  But, not so typical of a small-town upbringing, she’s doesn’t blindly support the home team, “the main thing I cheer for is a good game! I love watching a big rival or championship game go down to the wire.” 

Courtney Robertson, Rytech’s new, and very busy, Florida sales manager—you can email her at [email protected]

ON THE GO with Courtney Robertson

FEDNAT Agents Town Hall & Rytech CE, Jacksonville

L to R: Mel Russel, VP Monarch National; Amber Payne, Rytech; Bubba Ryan, Rytech President & CEO; Marty Kramer, FEDNAT; Courtney.

Rimkus Consulting Group

CE event, Tampa Florida

2019 Sunshine Claims Conference—Jacksonville Beach

L to R: Warren Black, Rytech; Courtney; Jim West, American Integrity; Amber Payne, Rytech.