Congratulations are in order for Jordan Aviles with Rytech of Northwest Chicago. This is his first win of the prestigious Ryte-Tech Award and the first time a winner has come from this relatively new franchise.

Jordan’s experience in restoration work and his professional representation of the Rytech brand have earned him this distinction.
Thanks also to the Honorable Mentions!

Jordan has actually been with the Northwest Chicago franchise only about six months but, that’s about how long the new franchise owners, Lee Turley and Scot Severson, have been operating.

This makes Jordan, who worked in remediation for four years with a competing firm, a veteran with much needed experience regarding onsite protocols. Jordan, Lee and Scot have taken the team approach so typical of Rytech franchises–Jordan’s background has proven helpful both technically and in dealing with customers, of which there are many in the Windy City.

Windy yes, but…Chicago can also present other unique challenges, particularly for a 24/7/365 water firm like Rytech and especially during an all too typical Polar Vortex.

Jordan’s favorite cat, Nova

Jordan recalls one winter vortex when new jobs were coming in every hour and he and his team had to work six days “on” and one day “off” just to stay even—“and it still wasn’t enough.” he remembers.

Fortunately Jordan is built for tough jobs. He’s young, (22 yrs. old) single (except for his favorite cat, Nova) and strong–a former power lifter who bench pressed 395 pounds, played center on the football team and slung the shotput in track and field.

There’s no mistaking his physical talents—he’s 5’9 inches tall, weighs a solid 245 pounds and ranked third in his conference for wrestling. “In my weight class there were a lot of fat guys” he joked, “So I won a lot!”

Jordan Chillin’

You can tell Jordan’s personality is as big as his stature. He quips with the best and even aspires to do standup someday. Truth is, he’s got plans to monetize a YouTube channel with his own video’s and podcasts retelling social and political events complemented with his own satirical brand of humor.

Funny, maybe, but Jordan never joked about his schoolwork. “I liked it” he said, “and wanted to make good grades.” After high school he attended Iowa State University earning an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering. And even though he’d always worked in construction, “ISU is what kinda got me interested in restoration work.”

He recalls one of his toughest jobs–a burst pipe at the home of an elderly man largely unable to take care of himself or his seven (that’s seven) dogs. “Water was 4 inches throughout the entire house.” he said. “Imagine you’re in the winter vortex, there’s no heat and seven dogs are splashing through water while 17 guys remove enough stuff to fill up four dumpsters!”

The wrestling and remediating is symptomatic of someone who likes to work with his hands. But Jordan loves the creative side too. “Woodworking is what I really, really enjoy” he says. “Building furniture, staining, and refinishing it…I love it.” While at Iowa State he even built decks and took on other miscellaneous carpentry work whenever his studies permitted.

Jordan works $1million fire job

Speaking of storytelling. Jordan tells about a time when he went to a jobsite where a smallish high-strung man was so upset and angry at his water loss that he wanted to take it out on the entire remediation team. “We had to leave” Jordan said, “there was no telling what he was gonna do!” In the end Jordan drew the short straw and had to take his 245 pound wrestling frame back to the site where, after some smooth talking, the man apologized for losing control, shook everyone’s hand “…and gave us all a sterling review. Sometimes you have to be patient with people and understand the suffering they’re undergoing. They aren’t always themselves.”

The future? Well, Jordan says he appreciates the opportunity Rytech has provided and the great treatment he receives from the franchise owners. “Someday, if they expand, maybe they’ll ask me to run a franchise for them.” And then, with a big smile… “who knows, maybe I can own my own franchise.”

Frankly, with that attitude, a sense of humor, his smarts… there’s no reason Jordan Aviles can’t do anything he puts his mind to. Especially with Nova by his side!

July 2021‐Honorable Mentions:
Kyle Williams – Rytech of Baton Rouge (LA)
Christina Williams – Rytech of Baton Rouge (LA)
Taylor Bourque – Rytech of Baton Rouge (LA) and Robert Keanum – Rytech of the Midlands (SC)

Jordan delivering a full body slam

Jordan suiting-up, full PPE

Sometimes it’s all about the shoes!