RYTE TECH AWARD – And More On Breast Cancer!

Rytech honors its’ onsite technicians with The Ryte Tech Award which goes to those with the greatest number of “Fantastic Customer Surveys”, clean drywall cuts, posted pictures of a “shiny” blue Rytech van, tightly sealed containment areas, yard signs, training courses and much more. The Dry Log recognizes those winners who are special in other ways as well. This month we look at the August Ryte Tech winner, Mr. Rigo Martinez with Rytech of Central Florida.

Rigo Martinez has only been with Rytech for about a year, having joined the Central Florida franchise in the fall of 2018. “I was referred by a friend who was an employee of Rytech. He said it was a great company to work for. He was right”

As is often the case, “great” companies are frequently those with great communications. “Owners and management have always been there to help guide me and answer any and all questions”, says Rigo. “They make it a point to ensure all lines of communication are always open.”

Communication, of course, builds camaraderie. Both he and the “friends” he works with seem to feel the same way. Rigo doesn’t hesitate: “What stands out the most are opportunities for us to all work together. We pull together and when we do, those are the jobs that stand out to me!”

Fact is, the word “others” comes up a lot with Rigo. “The most challenging jobs are those with a a large amount of personal belongings. Challenging not only because of the limitations in the work environment, but also in dealing with customers who have issues when their belongings are disturbed. I love the challenge to help someone in an emotional way as well as protecting their property.”

The first thing you’ll notice about Rigo is his shaved head, something he says “…helps to save a few extra bucks.” But, it’s also something he did nine years ago for someone very special, his girlfriend Dana who, like far too many others, lost her personal battle with Breast Cancer.

The irony isn’t lost on Rigo. He was hired last October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this Dry Log tribute for winning the August Rytech Award occurs “close enough” to his 2019 one-year anniversary and another Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“It makes it all that more special”, he says.

We agree!

Rigo's daughter, Layla, joins in support of his girlfriend, Dana, who lost her fight against Breast Cancer.

Rigo with his Ryte Tech belt

The pink trappings of Breast Cancer

August 2019‐Honorable Mentions:

John Layton – Rytech of Lee and Collier Counties (FL)

Parquito Liberal – Rytech of the Tri Counties (FL)

TIE – Terry Miller – Rytech of Tampa/St. Pete (FL)

TIE – Keith Neal – Rytech of Northwest Georgia (GA)