PROFILES IN SERVICE—Vincent Abel, One Great Example!

A good way to become an outstanding Rytech Restoration technician is to learn from those who currently occupy such a perch.  Sure, there are many great examples, but by all accounts, Vincent Abel is one of the best.  And he’s not just an outstanding technician, he’s also a good person.

Vincent Abel first came to the Dry Log’s attention via a verified customer review of his workmanship and professionalism written by Dennis Och.  Read for yourself:

On Sunday 1-16-2022 at 1 PM, my home was flooded due to a severe storm. I notified Progressive Insurance Company who got back to me 45 minutes later and said Rytech would be handling the initial damage.

Two hours later Vincent Abel from Rytech was at my front door. The professionalism that Vincent performed was unbelievable.

Within a relatively short period of time the water was vacuumed up and 10 heater fans, 2 dehumidifiers, and 1 Air scrubber were running. Vincent returned on Wednesday to remove the carpets in the office and bedroom.

After the mold inspection was done Vincent returned to do the mold treatment (removal of sheet rock and instillation from whole walls and partial ceiling).

Thank You Rytech and more to Vincent for turning a disaster into something live-able. This is what I call 100% customer satisfaction.

Thank You,
Dennis M. Och

No surprise for someone who’s been servicing customers since he was 18 years old while putting himself through school, working at Payless shoes (later a manager at Rack Room shoes). 

Once upon a time, Vincent was even a beer salesman and later a brand ambassador for Coors and Heineken.  He was a top Coors light salesman, twice winning free trips to Vegas.

Then, disaster struck.  In 2010 he suffered a bad accident, spending six weeks in Intensive Care and unable to work at all for an entire year.  It was an extremely arduous road to recovery, but recover he did, resuming life in Gainesville providing in-home health care. He still remembers the lessons learned caring for a paraplegic who was unable to speak. Then it was on to running fiber optic cables at Shands Hospital.  “I went from paramedic to sales rep, to in-home health care, and finally into communications.”

Front: Brianna, Katie, DJ & Vince (back)

Rytech came to focus from brother Zach with whom Vincent briefly worked.  Zach shared impressions of a company, of a family, of a great way to make a living.  “He said they take care of their employees, and he was right; David and Maria (MacInnes) are the best people I’ve ever worked for.”  That’s a statement jointly reciprocated by the two co-owners of Rytech Tallahassee and Rytech of the Treasure Coast, where Vincent is currently employed.

Thinking of others is often a hallmark of great service techs. Vincent is no exception. He still thinks about his home health care patients.  And…he thinks about his mom and the help she needs. Even his move to Treasure Coast was initially about giving back to her.   

From the mother who raised him “right” to a brother who taught him “right,” he’s now with the fiancé who treats him “right.”  He’s been with Katie for 10 years, and when they met, she had two young children. “I have, and always will love them as my own… Brianna will be 15 and D.J. is 13,” he says pridefully, smiling as he speaks.  “It’s an honor to have them as a family!” 

With Rytech, his mom, Katie and the kids, it’s not surprising to hear Vincent also say… “I feel like I’m finally home!”

The Abel Clan.  Mom far left

The family Vince has at home has become the foundation for the one he now has at work—a job requiring substantial sweat and a surprising number of tears--the latter shed for those whose trauma virtually overwhelms.  That’s where six months in ICU comes in handy.

“I’ve learned to never let a homeowner know their job is intimidating. If they see you’re nervous they’ll lose faith in the one person who’s come to save them on the worst day of their lives. Homeowners can be very difficult during traumatic times.”

It’s understandable.” he says.  “Just stay positive, be professional, and do your best.”

One challenging job—"It was a huge home, we had to demo a beautiful shower stall. It was massive with huge thick tiles. Worse, we couldn’t enter through the front so all the demo had to be lugged out the back, around the corner through a gate, up thick grass on a steep incline, lifted into the truck which was at least a half-acre from the back door. Keep in mind this was the middle of summer in Southeast Florida.  We were so sore by the end of the week. It’s one I’ll never forget!”

Jobs are jobs. People are people. The latter is where Vincent really excels. “I read and listen to podcasts to find out more about people, especially their emotional side. I feel a lot of mentally ill people become homeless and neglected. It’s part of a huge healthcare problem. Results are often that the homeless or drug addicted are incarcerated when they’d be better treated in a hospital.” 

Spare time? He’s from Dallas, so he loves the Dallas Cowboys.  Ironically when Vincent was younger, he was a stand-out quarterback on a traveling flag football team. “During the tournament, we had a game in the morning, in the snow, and another one in the afternoon. I didn’t want to play again. It was just too much.  That's when my mother and father instilled in me to always finish what I start and never give less than 100%. We won the state championship!”

Down the Road--His long-term goal is just like most… to retire. But Vincent always sees the world through the eyes of others. “We’ve all had a strange few years, and people are more on edge now having just come out of Covid. I want everyone to be safe and stay healthy. And my main goal is to keep my mother as happy and healthy as possible.  She pretty much raised four kids on her own. I don’t know how she did it.  I’m gonna pay her back for raising me right. It's her time to relax.  It's the right thing to do.” 

Sounds like Vincent Abel truly has come home.

Rytech Restoration is proud to offer Vincent Abel as a shining example proving we take an empathetic approach to customer care and strive to get every customer back to normal in the shortest amount of time possible. When you have Rytech undertake your emergency recovery and restoration work, you have a team of professional IICRC certified technicians working for you. Along with clean and disinfected areas, you can have peace of mind that all completed work is done to the highest standards.

No other water removal company cares like Rytech. You receive the best services we have to offer, and with one phone call, we help you return to normal. We will get your property “Rytech Dry” in no time!

Front row: Maria MacInnes co-owner; Katie & Vincent. Behind Katie is Operations Manager Veronica Sparrow & husband Westley (hat). Back row: far left co-owner Dave MacInnes; far right is Billy Staley Jr. (lead technician) and his friend Maggie just below.