Profiles in Service—Matthew Orsini, Operations Manager, Rytech of Nashville Tennessee

Providing top drawer water remediation across the country requires a multi-layered team approach.  Each layer performing in perfect coordination with other layers and each player performing their role to perfection.

Please meet one of those perfect role players, the Operations Manager for Rytech of Nashville Tennessee...Matthew Orsini.

Like others on the Rytech Restoration team, Matthew (Matt) is proud to be a charter member of his local franchise--having been with the Nashville operation since its founding December 2018, reporting to work in February the following year.

His background was a major factor in his initial union with owner Robert Pick as it involved emergency remediation work for large losses all over the country--which yielded experience customizable to Rytech’s more personalized service model.  As Operations Manager, Matt has primary responsibility for onsite technical management and, consistent with emerging franchises, often does the tech work himself.  In fact, Matt won the Ryte-Tech Award for the month of August last year--his knowledge and professional representation of the Rytech brand earning him that well deserved distinction.

What connected Matt to Rytech was actually his wife Jennifer. She didn’t care much for all the travel and the days, sometimes weeks away from home.  She began looking for something that allowed Matt more time with her and, of course, the kids a boy and a girl:  the eldest, Hannah is 12 years old,  and  Son Rylee is 5.

Jennifer & Matt, vacay in Florida

Interestingly, Matt originally applied to be Director of Marketing at Rytech Nashville, not Operations Manager. He and Jennifer lived in Illinois at the time—it was the fixed base of operations for his former employer.  And it was also where he developed noteworthy sales skills.

Matt’s family owned a medical supply company in Elk Grove Village where he began working when he was nine, along with (get this)18 other family members.  Ultimately he left the familial coattails, moved his wife, kids and all their family possessions to join his new family in Nashville.  

Matt is 30 years old and is water and mold certified with IICRC. Jennifer is 29 and works at Pearl Veterinary Hospital. The two met in High School at the house of a mutual friend. Matt was working on a Minivan. “I was under the car and when I rolled out she was just standing there staring at me” Matt says. “The rest is history.”

And so’s some really great history, both at home with mom and the kids and workwise.

Example: Matt remembers drying out an Amazon warehouse building about 6 months ago after the sprinkler system was inadvertently triggered. “Nobody knew what set it off” he recalled “but we dried out thousands of square feet and had to clear a rigorous security screening every time we walked in or out.”

Matt loves all kinds of music. And on occasion it even blends with his work. For example, he’s worked with Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift, both of whom live in Nashville.  He cleaned the carpet in Taylor Swifts private airplane hangar. “I got to see her jet and recording labels and gold records” he beams “they were all over the walls!”

But Matt also likes Heavy Metal.  And again...there’s a connection. He once remediated the house of Mike Ways the Bass Player for Heavy Metal sensation My Chemical Romance.  “I go into his house” Matt says, “and it looked like he’d just moved in, then I see all these T-shirts and his music studio, and it dawned on me who he was!”  

The kids:  Hannah and Riley

Spare time? Matt’s a great father and spends it mostly with the kids. His most favorite recreation is to take a big snow mobile, travel to Wisconsin Eagle River, and run the trails and hills all day long.

Matt loves Ice Hockey and is in a hockey Beer League where he roots for his favorite team, the  Space Wolf’s.  They came in 2nd, losing in the finals.  His pro-team support, no surprise, goes exclusively to the Black Hawks.

Biggest goal? It’s a joint project with Jennifer.  “We’re looking to start a Doggy  Day Care & Kennel someday.”  In fact, Matt and Jennifer often set out on rescue missions assisting in shutting down  illegal and abusive animal warehouses.  “We remove them, dogs mostly, protect them, then divide them among various rescue firms.” he says. “You should see the horrible living conditions, it’s heartbreaking. “  Matt and Jennifer find temporary foster homes and/or rehab the animals. It’s a team effort and a labor of love. “We use formal applications and will even send the pregnant ones to Jennifer’s animal hospital.”  

Frankly, being an animal caregiver is a typical sideline for many in the restoration business.  Helping others is often just a matter of DNA.  Whether it’s an animal in need or a homeowner whose lost everything in a flood or other loss...

....Matt cares and so does Team Rytech!