IT’S ABOUT PARTNERS—A Proven Approach to Success!

Rytech Restoration services a $60 Billion recession-proof industry. It is one of the most successful remediation firms in America with an award-winning coast-to-coast franchise structure performing in 85 markets in 24 states. 

The Secret?  Well…there are a lot of reasons for Rytech’s success, few of them secrets. One of its’ most often overlooked strategies, however, is a pronounced penchant to partner with others. Strategically, of course. But, also based on a shared vision and mutual respect between partners with a common goal.

Rebuilding peoples’ lives requires (or should require) customer trust—trust that a business will do what’s right, not what’s easiest or most profitable.  That’s why Rytech has relationships with certification organizations and accreditation institutions. GuildQuality, for example, gathers and verifies every customer review (good or bad) and uses the results to rank performance, based on what its’ customers experienced, not what it wants potential customers to hear.

Rytech has similar relationships with the Better Business Bureau, the Property Loss Research Bureau and, like all of its franchisees and hundreds of technicians it is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

But Rytech also partners with altruistic organizations and non-profits.  A good example is its’ partnership with The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). By joining with WWP Rytech has been able, so far, to raise over $13,000 for this worthy cause.

Somewhat related is Rytech’s hosting of a meeting for Florida claims executives of all types, called The Sunshine Conference.  The event is a “partnered” effort partially supported by entities willing to help Rytech build better relationships with those responsible for fulfilling the insurance promise. You can learn more about this “meeting of partners” and Rytech’s relationship with the Wounded Warrior Project here.  Be sure to make note of the Gold and Platinum partners who sponsored events and shared in the costs of this important Rytech gathering.

It's recognized that Rytech has partnerships with more insurers than most any other mitigation firm. In part, that’s because such relationships are woven into Rytech’s operational fabric via its’ Mitigation Data Specialist (MDS) Unit.

MDS is an in-house team of dedicated specialists and high-level managers that both assist Rytech franchises and hundreds of field technicians in accurate scoping of each job but also customize each estimate to the specific needs of more than 100 insurers.

MDS is a true partnership “unit” providing timely, accurate, and consistent estimates no matter where a job is located, no matter who the customer is. 

But you can’t stop with insurance companies.  Rytech is probably the only mitigation firm in America that has an exclusive partnership with a statewide agents’ association, The Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA).  It’s an extremely unique partnership with over 2,200 agency locations. Combined with its’ insurer relationships the partnership with FAIA makes Rytech the go to firm that helps insurers reduce costs and similarly assist agents with improved loss ratios and personalized customer service.  It’s the perfect “Three-Way” partnership that helps consumers get the fastest, most comprehensive, and least expensive remediation possible.

So, the answer to the question… “What is the Secret to Rytech’s Success?” is perhaps best answered by Henry Ford who said:

“If everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself.”