Ian Intensifies to Category 4—Recommendations for Consumers & Agents.

At the time this is being written, (Monday September 27, 2022, 11:00AM), Tropical Storm Ian is undergoing explosive intensification into a major hurricane in the western Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico--a danger to the Cayman Islands, western Cuba and Florida.

Perhaps, it has already arrived and/or departed from your area.Rytech Restoration offers its’ advice and services to those in harm’s way!

At this writing it appears like portions of South Florida may be spared a direct hit, but… there are many aspects of the forecast that remain uncertain, particularly the strength of the storm and it’s specific position before and after landfall.    

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency for all 67 counties—this to make more resources available for storm preparation and to activate members of the Florida National Guard to standby status before Ian arrives.

RYTECH RESTORATION--Having been in Florida since 1995, including the ‘04/’05 storm seasons, Rytech is a seasoned hurricane-tested firm.  While response times will be strained in the aftermath of any storm, particularly a Category 4, our certified technicians typically arrive on the scene within four hours, access permitting. Resources from Rytech’s other states are on alert as well and will be called in as the need arises. They’re trained on all the latest equipment and advanced restoration methods to get customers (you) back to normal in the shortest time.

Rytech Restoration began preparations for storm arrival somewhere along Florida’s western coastal areas, north of Ft. Myers including the entire panhandle.  Our local franchises are standing by to provide Fast, Efficient, Consistent Restoration as is our entire catastrophe team from other states. We urge all residents and businesses to remember that Rytech’s expert approach to restoration eliminates unnecessary demolition leading to reduced cost and faster claim cycle times. 

CONSUMER PROTECTION--To assist with avoiding fraud or fraudulent remediation contractors, Floridians should consult sites designed for Florida’s unique property insurance environment.  Florida’s Insurance Consumer Advocate (ICA) Tasha Carter offers excellent advice at Plan, Prepare, Protect. Here you’ll not only learn the importance of planning, but also how to best survive after the storm. 

If the storm or it’s outer bands have already impacted you, please go directly to Step 3 “Protect” for what to do when you have damage. For Disaster Preparedness Resources generally, go here.

Finally, a word about Assignment of Benefits (AOB). Unfortunately, it is necessary that consumers be informed on AOB and what Florida lawmakers have done to help you protect yourself.  Please see AOB Consumer Protection Tips.

Rytech Restoration works directly with Florida’s insurance companies and does not use AOB. We strongly advise anyone with damage to protect your property, call Rytech, and contact your insurance company or agent first, before contacting anyone else.  The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation provides phone numbers on its website of every Florida property insurer.  

A Water Warning: I​an's growth and its potential to slow down as it nears the Gulf Coast make it a formidable storm surge threat, regardless of any intensity it may lose before landfall.  Some bands of heavier rain well ahead of Ian could begin in Florida as soon as Monday (tomorrow at this writing). U​p to 6 inches of rain is possible from the Florida Keys to the southern and western Florida Peninsula through early Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service. That heavy rain could trigger flash flooding.

A word from Rytech Restoration to Insurance Agents

Keep in mind, resources for every vendor and carrier will be strained, creating delays, confusion and all of the usual challenges stemming from a significant storm.  For this and other storms that may follow this Hurricane Season, patience in the face of immense challenge is always a virtue—so, too, is relying on a water firm you can trust.

The Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) and Rytech have a partnership designed to assist all agents with water losses.  If you are an agent, you can learn more about that partnership and what Rytech brings to the table for your agency on the FAIA website  or, by going to Rytech’s AGENT homepage.

Rytech has been around since 1995 and is not only available across the entire state but has quality control to ensure response times and to guarantee that your clients are satisfied, regardless of the location or the size and/or nature of the loss.   Like everyone else, Rytech will be challenged by any significant event, especially a Hurricane.  But, your clients are our clients and the clients of the carriers with which we partner and that you represent. 

We will always have their best interests in mind!