HAPPY NEW YEAR—The Year is Yours!

We say it every year... “it’s gonna be better than last year, hopefully.”  But do we know what “better” means? Do we set goals we can achieve and that make us feel better?

The Dry Log reached out to key Rytech staff members and scanned the internet for common themes on how to start 2022 off right--at the office and at home.

We wish everyone a Happy 2022 and hope you find the following information helpful.

What’s the best way to start the year out right? Answer: be energized, motivated, and ready to get started with your goals. 

Hindsight reveals Rytech’s 2021 goals were among the loftiest of pursuits—often what it takes to remain atop a super competitive industry for over a quarter century.  Last year’s challenges were also among the most publicly visible; developing Rytech’s new brand and expanding its internet presence. 

In 2022 Rytech, Inc. starts off as Rytech Restoration--a national company committed to absolute customer and partner satisfaction. 

This new moniker tells the  world we are a multi-layered national corporation with locations from New York to California; Washington State to Florida; Texas to Illinois; and dozens of points in between. 

And, our new brand includes a new logo, new colors, new video’s, new fonts, and a new interlocking website, between corporate and every franchise coast-to-coast. Best of all, the name Rytech Restoration conveys much more than just water and mold.  Rytech Restoration also means fire damage restoration, contents packaging and storage for both residential and commercial, with more to come—all in a network that responds to over 20,000 claims annually. 

Chief Operating Officer, Randy Kerlin says “we want to continue to make it a priority to reinvest in our business with both Rytech team members as well as Franchisees to support their professional success and growth under the Rytech brand.”

That means of course “consistency” as Rytech promotes its’ new brand.  In this effort the man on point is Vice President of Marketing, Eric Chapman.

“Consistency maximizes the benefit of your local marketing and sales efforts.  This is true across the board, for all companies, but is especially true for business-to-business enterprises like Rytech Restoration--which interacts with carriers, MGA’s, Adjusting firms, Agents and more.  Inconsistent messaging breeds confusion; confusion impedes the buying process.” 

Chief Business Development Officer, Jay Straughn says Rytech will do all it can to capitalize on its new website.  “We’ll measure the effectiveness of our marketing spend and pour more resources into the channels that are working.”  Of course, profitable growth is a perennial goal for all franchisees and corporate headquarters.  “To do this for the long haul” Jay says, “we must grow our commercial services as well as our ability to respond to catastrophes and large losses.”

That’s a brief look at Rytech’s 2022. Now, here’s how to make the year yours by starting the year off right: energized, motivated, and ready to begin achieving goals.  

1. Meditate on your hopes and expectations

Get yourself in a positive frame of mind to begin your year. Focus on what you hope and expect to achieve by the time it's almost 2023.

You can visualize yourself being successful. You can pray every morning that you'll make the best choices each day.

Our thoughts and feelings often precede the actions we take. Focus your thoughts and feelings in a positive direction to influence yourself into positive action.

2. Create an organized workspace

Clutter can be distracting. In the space you plan to do most of your work, declutter the things that aren't helping you to maintain focus.

You can also fill your space with things that motivate you. A good thing you could hang on your wall is a vision board.

3. Have your goals planned out

Going into the year without your goals planned out will get you off to a slow start. While everybody's trying to figure out how they're going to achieve their goals on New Year's Day, you can be ready on day one. Here are a few tips on how to plan:

  • Write your goals down
  • Write the things you'll need to get started
  • Break your main goal into smaller tasks
  • Set a schedule for doing those tasks

4. Have an accountability partner

Think of somebody you're close with and ask if they will hold you accountable to your resolutions. They can call you on the 1st and offer you encouragement as you begin working on your goals.

You can also have the person keep checking on your progress each week. It can help keep you motivated to get good work done so you can tell that person how well you're doing.

5. Set a budget

No matter if you're running a business, saving for a home, or planning for retirement, it's important to have a budget. Having some guidelines to follow with your finances will help you save up faster to achieve your desires.

Here are some good resources on budgeting you can follow. I'll also include some articles on good budgeting apps you can considering using.

Budgeting resources:
Budgeting 101: How to Budget Money - NerdWallet
Step-By-Step Guide to Make a Personal Budget - The Balance
6 Steps to a Better Business Budget - Investopedia

Budgeting apps:
The 7 Best Budget Apps for 2021 - NerdWallet
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What Are the Best Budgeting Apps of August 2021? - Business Insider

6. Be signed up for a course

Sign up for some kind of course that will help you do better at working towards your goals. It can be a leadership course, a business course, or just simply a course related to personal wellness. Any type of knowledge or information you can learn more about, have yourself signed up for a course on it for the beginning of the year.

7. Start a sleep schedule a week before

One of the most important things you're going to need to be energized is rest. Don't wait until New Year's Eve to start trying to sleep earlier.

Prepare yourself by going to bed a few minutes earlier each day. It might even be better if you did this two weeks earlier. You'll be more likely to get your body accustomed to the new sleep schedule and maximize your energy levels.

8. Have a light breakfast

Research has shown a large breakfast can make you feel more sluggish as your body starts digesting it. Eat a light breakfast to help you maintain a high energy level throughout your morning. Here are 28 energy-boosting foods and drinks you can consider.

9. Streamline your common day-to-day tasks

A lot of our daily tasks can sometimes take up a lot of our mental energy. Deciding what to wear, deciding what to eat, etc.

Have your wardrobe planned out for the week, or maybe even planned out for two weeks. Have a meal plan ready for the week too. Any other common tasks that take time, find ways to make those tasks simpler and quicker.

10. Set up some easy quick wins

A good way to build up your motivation is to give yourself quick wins in your day to feel good. Making your bed in the morning could be a quick win.

Getting to work on time can be a quick win. Find things in your day that you can accomplish easily to build up your momentum.


______________________________________________________________________________ Information for this article was gathered from various internet sources. The ten recommendations above came from the Antimaximalist, a self-help blog maintained by writer and minimalist, Eric Owens. For a free subscription and loads of motivational self-help advice, check out his blog site: www.antimaximalist.com