FEATURED FRANCHISE—The Small World, Memphis Tennessee

The largest city on the Mississippi river, Memphis Tennessee, is not only birthplace of the blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll, it’s also home to one of Rytech’s most productive franchises.

In addition to Metro Memphis, Jim Giovanetti’s franchise includes counties in Mississippi and Arkansas.  And, while it was once the home of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Isaac Hayes, Giovanetti’s  franchise has a pool of 650,000 people who know where to turn when they have a water loss.   

While not musically inclined himself, Jim is ensconced in both the community and it’s culture, enjoying Beal Street and annual events like Memphis Music Fest and the Bar B Que Feast in May.

Tracy, TJ and Jim

But…Jim also enjoys the business that he’s owned for the last seven years—where he employs two part-time and two full-time employees. His girlfriend, Tracy McLaughlin, is Administrative Vice President, David Carney is Operations and Sales Manager, John Dickan is Lead Technician and Aldo Colono is a part time technician. Coincidentally, David Carney was Jim’s boss when he worked for a competing restoration business prior to his Rytech purchase.

A Small World
According to Jim, there are many examples of the small world he calls Memphis: “I met my girlfriend Tracy about fifteen years ago. It was she who found and convinced me to join the Rytech family. When we met I mentioned attending the University of Alabama. She said do you know Edward L.? I said yes, we were in the same fraternity. She said do you know Rich R.? I said yes and she said Edward’s father is married to my mother and his sister is married to Rich. All of whom went to the University of Alabama.”

Jim graduated from Christian Brothers High School and the University of Alabama, loves football and attends Alabama games when he can. He loves to see the Memphis Grizzlies and the Tigers win. He has family in Nashville and would like to see the Predators play and the Titans win the Super Bowl (maybe next year).

Before Rytech and after working in real estate, Jim also worked for two other Rytech competitors, but neither provided the commitment to excellence and the family atmosphere of Rytech.  “After working for a couple of restoration companies I decided to join Rytech” Jim says. “It was affordable, and I thought I could find the right fit. Plus, I liked the challenge.” 

Here’s how Jim tells that story:

I bought my franchise in February 2013 and ran it by myself for about nine months. Things were slow. I wondered if I’d made a mistake. Then on my birthday a year later I received a call from a long time adjuster friend.  He asked if I was ready for the Polar Vortex. I’d never heard of a Polar Vortex but, sounding as confident as I could, I said…  I think so. You think it’s going to be bad? Yes, I think it’s going to  be bad! I got off the phone and realized we didn’t have enough people or equipment. I  started calling around and found there was no equipment available anywhere. It was then I drove to Little Rock and rented all the drying equipment they had left. In one month we did more business than all of 2013, and it’s continued to grow every year since.

It’s About People
When asked what he likes about owning a Rytech franchise Jim sounds like many others covered within these pages.  “I like the people and being a part of the Rytech team. And I like owning my own business and having the support that a Rytech franchise provides.”

One thing that certainly makes this franchise standout is diversity. Rytech Memphis does jobs in the most expensive areas of town and in the low income areas as well. “Our customers represent every race and religion,” he says.  “We do our best to provide the same quality of care to all, no matter what.”

“I’m older than I should be” he quips. “I’ve got three brothers, two sisters and lots of nieces and nephews.”  He can’t imagine being retired. Jim likes to work too much and meeting and helping people.  “Still,” he says, “with a name like Giovanetti I’d love to take a trip to Italy one day.”

Stating the obvious Jim says, “It isn’t always fun.”  But, because  every customer and every job is different, he’s quick to add…”it’s also never boring!”

David Carney & Jim Giovanetti

The 500 Club: Jim & David recognized for $500,000 in new annual production.

Aldo Colono—Technician