Meet Anthony Curtis and Brian Larmon, equal owners of Rytech of the Midlands encompassing Columbia South Carolina and a substantial swath for servicing southward to Augusta Georgia. Formerly in the restoration business, they learned about Rytech as the preferred provider for several national carriers. The attraction was immediate.

Following their purchase of the existing “Midlands” franchise (April 2018), these two long-time friends wasted no time turning corporate heads. Every month thereafter; May, June, July, production grew over the previous thirty days. In their first seven months the two brand new owners saw record breaking revenues. “I knew a lot of people, adjusters, company folks, so I reached out to all of them, directly contacting over 150 who could send us work”, Anthony says. “It was slow at first. But then, in about sixty days, things really took off!”

Some would’ve stopped at that point but, not Anthony and Brian. After only eighteen months of operating their Columbia, SC franchise they turned north procuring the Greenville/Spartanburg area as well. Effective just over 30 days ago, this acquisition isn’t an existing franchise with “some” infrastructure in place. It’s brand new, still without a name and “located in virgin territory” Anthony says. A franchise where building the Rytech brand will necessarily take center stage.

These two men share more than just the desire to control their own destinies by owning their own business, they are also talented and very competitive tennis players. “We take it seriously” both proclaimed. “We play two or three days a week.” Indeed, both participate in United States Tennis Association (USTA) tournaments, are part of several championship teams and participate in the USTA Sectional Tournaments. Anthony has won six state championships for USTA league tennis. Brian was a competitive high school tennis player and has won several state championship matches in both men’s and mixed doubles.

Anthony and Brian both played in and sponsored the Labor Day Tennis Tournament, Topspin Racquet Club, Lexington SC.

The tennis connection also allows them to combine business and pleasure, building the Rytech brand by sponsoring tennis tournaments across South Carolina and neighboring states.

After earning his BA in International Studies from the University of North Carolina (UNC) followed by a Masters’ Degree in Education from Columbia College, Anthony gained some experience as a director and chief estimator for a restoration company. He honed his techniques for customer trauma care adjusting large property losses for one of the largest property insurers in America. The techniques and temperament for dealing with those who’ve just lost everything is one of the things he credits for turning things around at the now flourishing Midlands franchise.

Brian graduated from Clemson with a BS in Packaging Science. “It’s the science of packaging” he quips. But don’t be fooled, we’re not talking cardboard boxes and duct tape. “Packaging Science” is a broad study encompassing design concepts, product placement, and every step included in the manufacturing process. Brian was also an “engineer” for a pharmaceutical company for several years.

To hear an exercise in political correctness,  ask either one who wins when they play each other and you get the same answer… “No Comment!” 

Both are hands-on when it comes to job sites. But, they divide business responsibilities based on their interests and experience. Anthony is a marketer at heart and often the face of the company. Brian handles the internal business end. “I love the operations side of things and making the mechanisms work” he says.

Anthony’s 15 minutes of fame— In 1987 at twelve years of age Anthony sang for Pope John Paul II who was in Columbia as part of an American tour. The pope specifically “blessed” Anthony as a member of the Choir and the picture of him with the Pope appeared in The New York Times newspaper the following week.

While they compete on the tennis court and diverge on business responsibilities they are, none the less, joined at the hip when it comes to customer relations. Each takes the necessary time to personally meet every homeowner or customer–always following up to leave a card, gauge satisfaction levels and keep the “word of mouth” going.

Can you see why these two may be the perfect fit? Neither hesitates to enter a crawl space. Both are thankful for the work the other seems to enjoy. Both are devoted to absolute customer satisfaction.

It’s Rytech’s national formula carved into the heart of a local franchise. And… the results speak volumes!

From L to R: Michael Sharpe, Operations Manager; Anthony, owner/partner; Tonya Baughman, Marketing Director; Brian, owner/partner