FEATURED FRANCHISE Big Operation in a Big State—Texas!

“When we bought the Dallas location in 2013, it was floundering” says Gino.  “The manager told me he didn’t like doing big jobs, which I obviously had a problem with!”  So, Gino and company began looking for someone who did like big jobs and the big challenges that go with them.

They found that someone in Amy Edwards.  “Two weeks after she was hired, I had a philosophical disagreement with the then current Manager” Gino says.  “That manager went away.  So I went to Amy and said, congratulations, you’re the new manager.” 

She’s become the “… glue that keeps it all together.”  Knowing he’d made the right choice Gino was, none-the-less, surprised at how quickly Amy turned things around.  “Two weeks into it, with no Rytech experience, and not even knowing the system (MICA), she was our one-person band running Dallas. Within one year, she had completely turned it around, recouped our entire initial investment and produced a rock-solid operation.”

Amy now manages all of the teams locations.

Speaking of big jobs, Gino tells this story: Amy called and said she needed 100 air-movers and 15 DEHU’s for a big Dallas job.   I didn’t think we even had that much inventory. But, we said yes, we can do it.  I changed my flight to Dallas, picked up her personal pick-up truck, found 240 air-movers on a trailer, bought some new DEHU’s and somehow we pulled it off.    

A little background will explain why this Texas Trio so perfectly gels.

Managing Partner, Ted Soetaert, received his BA in Business from the University of Houston and is IICRC certified as a Water Restoration Technician (WST) and Applied Structural Damage Technician (ASD).

Interestingly, before joining Rytech, Ted worked with Enterprise Rent a Car for ten years as the Houston Manager.

Rytech’s customer-centric approach was the perfect fit.  While at Enterprise Ted was ranked as a Customer service award winner numerous times; and received four Exceptional Achievement Awards and three Presidents Awards in his last 5 years prior to partnering with Gino.

Gino was also with Enterprise Rent a Car—which helped his dream of owning his own business come true. Originally from Chicago and after earning a marketing degree from Illinois State, he went right to work for Enterprise. “I started at $16K a year in 1987. Ha!.” he recalls, but…“I  Ended up loving the company and stayed there for 23 years.” 

His last ten years at Enterprise laid the foundation for his Rytech dream. He was Regional VP responsible for every piece of the Enterprise puzzle: the operations, sales, service, personnel, accounting—this, for a business unit of 55 locations and over 300 people.  Stating the obvious Gino called it “… exceptional training.”  And…”I always wanted to be a business owner… and knew one day it would happen.”

It certainly happened at Rytech. In a big way…after all, it’s Texas!

Most Embarrassing Moment: While in Vegas Gino was chosen to participate in the “Money Grab” contest. Get inside, grab as many $100 bills as possible—contestants merely need to push them out of a little slot. “The crowd was watching” Gino laments.  “My take..$0. I couldn’t even get $1 out of the slot and was booed by the entire crowd!. I received a $50 loser compensation prize.” 

Gino on the job

Amy with Houston’s Operation Manager, Jerry Esparza

Team Texas, L to R: Joe, Amy (back), Brent, Billy & Gino