ANNOUNCING “RYTECH RESTORATION” – Rytech’s new Website & Rebranding

In its August edition, the Dry Log first reported on Rytech’s New Website—And Expanding Web Presence. To varying degrees, the months of research and design have involved the collective input from Rytech’s internal staff and local franchisees.

But the new name and look are not just for Rytech. It’s also for those with whom we’ve had a relationship with over the past 26 years!

Spearheaded by Rytech’s new corporate Director of Marketing, Eric Chapman, this ambitious project is right on schedule with the curtain on the new website to be launched shortly, perhaps as early as this month.

Accompanying the site unveiling will be an overall rebranding effort recognizing not only Rytech’s phenomenal growth but the diversification of its franchisee’s service offering. Water and mold, yes. But also “fire damage, contents cleaning, pack outs,” and more.

The restoration industry constantly evolves and changes based on natural disasters, the insurance market, technology and other factors. Rytech’s team approach to rebranding helps identify common behaviors and research trends and aligns its strategy with industry-wide beliefs.

The picture at the top of this page shows the new logo and how it looks on a shiny new van. This logo, along with new guidelines for its’ use, will convey the consistent message that Rytech has expanded service possibilities. This, along with the original elements of the Rytech Logo (the shield and the extraction wand), will help preserve the core identity Rytech has worked hard to build over the past quarter-century.

The new website and media launch will showcase an updated look to better communicate Rytech Restoration’s expanding service offering and position each location to make an even greater impact in the communities we serve. “It’s a more encompassing brand name – we’re doing more things today,” says Bubba Ryan, President & CEO. “We started with water, then mold, and now contents and fire. This is part of Rytech’s natural progression.”

In many ways, a well-thought-out branding initiative is mandatory for sustained and profitable growth– a majority of consumers (69%) believe today’s advertising to be “false” and a shallow attempt to land more sales. That’s not the Ryte-Way. Team Rytech aligns with the 81% who say trustworthiness, creativity, and authenticity are the most important brand attributes.

Rytech understands that branding matters—very much! And consistency with every communication, especially to customers and partners, is absolutely imperative.

Please stay tuned to coming communications regarding Rytech’s new look, diverse service offerings, and partnership or franchise opportunities.

Those with questions or suggestions about Rytech’s new “digital effort” can contact Eric Chapman, Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy via email: [email protected].