A Salute to Rytech’s “Long-Term” Team Members…

Employers generally recognize high employee retention as a good sign, one indicating the company is doing something right.  Rytech, which began operations in 1995, certainly agrees and in addition to paying tribute to these loyal individuals, would also like to mention the benefits their longevity brings to Team Rytech.

First, what does “Long-Term” mean? According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median length of employment with one employer is 4.1 years.  Therefore, Rytech Restoration wishes to recognize all those who’ve been with Team Rytech for longer than 5 years.    Here they are listed from the longest serving to those with five years on the team.

  • Matt Shipp…27 years
  • Joel Flaven…15 years
  • Angela Jones…14 years
  • Carol Fisher Rogers…13 years
  • Dyan Kurtz…13 years
  • Alex Steeg…13 years
  • Traci Hendrix…12 years
  • Tara Brown…11 years
  • Brenda Alexander…10 years
  • Nelson Alicea Jr….10 years
  • Randy Kerlin…9 years
  • Rob Flaven…9 years
  • Roseanne McClain…8 years
  • Steven Seabaugh...8 years
  • David Ayers…8 years
  • Derick Ayers…8 years
  • Paul Edwards…8 years
  • Jay Straughn…8 years
  • Stacy Murray…7 years
  • Caroline Stay…7 years
  • Jessica Gravett…7 years
  • Randy Arnold…7 years
  • Terry Miller Jr….6 years
  • Mulki Bhat…5 years
  • Ali Jafarie…5 years
  • Kevin Martin…5 years
  • Amber Payne…5 years

There’s something special about those named above.  They exemplify a relationship that, quite literally, was “years in the making.”  Their contribution, loyalty and hard work are not taken lightly and frankly, they are the best of the best at Rytech Restoration.   We salute you and thank you for all you’ve done for Rytech Restoration.

As individuals these 27 team members contribute in many undefinable ways.  Collectively their longevity benefits the entire corporation. The following are just a few team benefits they provide…

1. Cost Savings--Every time a business loses an employee, it spends time and money advertising for a replacement, conducting interviews and training, including lost productivity during training. Businesses like Rytech, that hold onto employees, save money, period.

2. Better Relationships--Loyal employees tend to give their best when serving customers. In Rytech’s case this also applies to its’ many partnerships with insurers, TPA’s, adjusters and others who want to know the people they work with.  

3. Invested in Success-- Employees who believe in the company’s mission and values are more likely to stick around to do work they are proud of. Long-term employees are personally invested in their company’s success. They own their work and do their best without being prompted.

4. Increased Productivity--Let’s face it, new employees aren’t going to be as efficient as long-term employees. Long-term employees are more productive because they know Rytech’s operating systems and processes. And this is reflected in Rytech’s high customer satisfaction levels.

5. Higher Morale—High retention rates go together with higher morale.  Experts agree, higher morale results in new employees wanting to become long-term employees.

So, why do Rytech employees stay as long as they do?  Who better to ask than some of those at the top of the above list.

Matt Shipp, Director of Operations

Joined Rytech 02/16/1994

Q: What do you like most about working at Rytech?

A: “Watching the growth of Rytech, from when it started until now. It’s been a great ride!”

David Ayers, Assistant Director of Operations

Joined Rytech 03/01/2006

Q: What do you like most about working at Rytech?

A: “No two days are the same. The ever-evolving industry and market we are in has helped my personal development.”  

Angela S Jones, Corporate Business Manager

Joined Rytech 03/24/2008

Q: What do you like most about working at Rytech?

A: “There are several, my favorites are: 1) working with new franchisees to open their business; 2) That each day is different, and 3) the people.”

Carol Fischer-Rogers, Vice President of Client Development

Joined Rytech 06/15/2009

Q: What do you like most about working at Rytech?

A: “The commitment and passion of the people to do the right thing every time!  The family culture of caring, concern, friendship, loyalty, joking and support we share for each other.  I am a very lucky lady!” 

Joel Flaven, Rytech Field Service Coordinator

Joined Rytech 04/30/2007

Q: What do you like most about working at Rytech?

A: “The feel for family.  Being part of the Rytech family has been a blessing to me.”

Dyan Kurtz, Vice President of Business Relations

Joined Rytech 03/10/2009

Q: What do you like most about working at Rytech?

A: I have had the great fortune of having been part of the Rytech family since the early days!   I’m so proud of the growth, a feat I attribute in great part to the Rytech culture of always doing the right thing.  We have a saying that we are in the relationship business as much as the restoration business and this is evidenced by all of the wonderful longstanding friendships we have cultivated during my tenure with Rytech.  I respect and adore my colleagues and extended Rytech family.  I’m incredibly blessed.”

With headquarters in Atlanta, GA, Rytech is an industry-leading water damage restoration, and mold remediation company focused on customer satisfaction while innovating our processes and improving our scope of services. What started as one location, Rytech grows exponentially, currently serving 70 major markets across 26 states.

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