Hurricane Ian Update —Not Enough Words!

You’ve seen the pictures, watched the helicopter video’s and stared in shock at real time footage of a 10-foot storm surge annihilating Ft. Myers Beach and 500 down power lines in Lakeland, Florida. It was mother nature in a horrible mood and an ominous reminder of her destructive potential.
There aren’t enough words to console those suffering the loss of homes and personal possessions. Rytech offers its’ thoughts and prayers to all the victims of Ian and especially to those who may have lost loved ones.

Global property data and analytics company, CoreLogic, announced Ian’s final damage estimates showing flood and wind totals to be somewhere between $41 billion and $70 billion. This includes wind loss, insured and uninsured storm surge loss and the latest calculated flood loss for inland residential and commercial properties.

Hard to imagine damage at such levels--marine losses, commercial businesses, automobile losses, Additional Living Expense and a high percentage of total losses resulting in the policy face amount being paid. With this monster, it’s all in play.

Within days of landfall the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (FLOIR) reported more than 222,000 claims filed. That quickly rose to over half a million, a number that increases daily and may approach one million. South Carolina and other states along the Eastern Seaboard were also hit, some suffering severe damage.

Testament to the value of operating from coast-to-coast is Rytech Restoration’s ability to dispatch troops from around the country.  Storm teams have arrived in Florida from California, Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, so far. 

Rytech also has storm team deployments in Orange and Volusia counties.  More resources are in the works but, make no mistake, the shear magnitude of the storm and its flooding sustained across multiple Florida markets have pushed everyone beyond their capacity.

Temporarily Rytech Restoration has reached its’ service capacity and apologizes to all Hurricane Ian victims for any delays, however…we are working diligently to provide additional resources from our nationwide network of franchises and other sources.

Even while access and loss of power has made the recovery difficult for customers, some Rytech franchises in the stricken areas also suffered direct damage to their homes and businesses.  They, like those they service, are facing power outages, the need for blue tarps and tree’s that destroyed their roofs and homes.

Rytech’s onsite work is also complicated by multiple causes of loss and the resulting communication issues dealing with two adjusters: one for a Homeowner’s policy and one for Flood from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or a private carrier.  Worse, of course, are communications with those homeowners who did not have a separate flood policy and are facing the prospect of not being able to totally rebuild.

Rytech reminds all home and business owners to remember that, when coverage is low or not available, Rytech’s expert approach to emergency water damage restoration eliminates unnecessary demolition leading to reduced cost and faster claim cycle times. 

One example is in Ian’s South Carolina landfall. The storm team from Rytech Restoration of the Midlands arrived on the scene (see below) in Pawleys Island South Carolina about 13 miles north of Georgetown. The storm surge had inundated the entire island including roadways, homes, the beach, infrastructure, and more. Not only was power lost but so was a huge chunk of the Pawleys Island pier. 

But this customer found out you can always Get Back To Normal Faster With Rytech!  These pictures show the latest glimpse of Rytech’s careful (and fast) approach to emergency restoration, drying and mold remediation.


Unfortunately, it is necessary that consumers in Florida be informed on Assignment of Benefits (AOB) and what Florida lawmakers have done to help protect you.  Please see AOB Consumer Protection Tips.

Rytech Restoration works directly with insurance companies and does not use AOB. We strongly advise anyone with damage to protect your property, call Rytech, and contact your insurance company or agent first, before contacting anyone else.  The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation provides phone numbers on its website of every Florida property insurer.  

The Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) and Rytech have a partnership designed to assist all agents with water losses.  If you are an agent, you can learn more about that partnership and what Rytech brings to the table for your agency on the FAIA website  or, by going to Rytech’s AGENT homepage.

Rytech has been around since 1995 and is not only available across the entire state but has quality control to ensure response times and to guarantee that your clients are satisfied, regardless of the location or the size and/or nature of the loss.   Like everyone else, Rytech will be challenged by any significant event, especially a Hurricane.  But, your clients are our clients and the clients of the carriers with which we partner and that you represent. 

We will always have their best interests in mind!

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